Reflection of EDC3100

I am feeling a little like Kate who reflects on her journey with EDC3100.  I have been overwhelmed, frustrated but overall I feel I have grown. Did I master everything? No. My mentor on prac told me to keep the learning focused and not to fill my lessons with too much content. I feel that […]

Flowers, bees and ants

I found teaching a two week unit about bees and pollination extremely challenging but what a learning curve. I created resources for my Year 4/5 class such as pipecleaner bees and flowers so they could visualise a bee pollinating a flower. I took the class on an ant investigation in the school but sadly there […]

Back to the old job

I read the blog post by Joanne and I too will miss the kids and feel that Joanne’s comment about outgrowing the TA position is exactly how I feel. It’s like the feet are finding  new shoes but they will be beautiful and shiny and travel further.  The slipper will fit my foot…    by  OiMax 


Well dear bloggers, The highs and lows. I have tried to teach year fours how to use a compass without practising myself and discovering that the instructions were difficult to understand. Suffice to say I taught that lesson again and did an amazing job I might add as I had plenty of preparation. Today the […]

Guardian Angel

I have been reading the blog posts of my fellow EDC3100 students and am comforted that people are finding their Prac experience a positive one. I am also finding my Prac experience very rewarding. I am definitely out of my comfort zone when I am in the classroom teaching but I can relate to Trudie […]

Digital Footprint

While watching a video on this webpage I found myself laughing at quite a serious topic. I don’t believe I am not taking the subject of your privacy being brought to question in an interview, but the fact that the young man appeared to be living quite an outragiously ‘social’ life. I think about […]

Cyber Smart

The four modules in connect.ed were very interesting. I was surprised with the examples that were given of how easily our safety is threatened while we sit in our loungeroom. We open gateways through the internet into our lives and how vulnerable we are to predators  unaware most times of the danger. Children definitely would […]